Insect & Tree Disease Management and Prevention

Trees are prone to attracting countless insects and diseases which can quickly cause major damage once they’re infected. Thankfully, there are certain techniques used to prevent diseases and manage the overall health of a tree which requires specific knowledge that the Pro-Tree certified arborists are equipped with.

Tree Health Care, including Emerald Ash Borer, is the utilization of cultural, mechanical and chemical controls to optimize plant health. Ideally, a comprehensive plant health care program is developed when the tree is first planted. A PHC program can also be installed for mature trees, but the success of the program tends to show more variance and should only be administered by an experienced arborist.

Every ash tree requires a unique Emerald Ash Borer care program based on the age, size, location, and associated damaging pests. A skilled arborist will use tools from all three categories that address short-term and long-term needs.

Examples of chemical methods:

  • Fertilization to improve growth
  • Systemic insecticides
  • Foliar fungicide applications

Soil Care & Root Protection

A tree’s health can be greatly determined by the health of it’s base. Not only do our professionals assess the tree's general health, but they also evaluate the health of the soil underneath it in order to identify any possible issues. Assessing the soil is a sustainable way to restoring plant health and growth. There are a number of ways to determine the health of the soil including the presence of certain minerals, nutrients, fungi, bacteria, aeration and much more. Contact us today so that we can assure your trees are growing in a health environment.