Tree Health Care in Chaska, MN

Trees are so huge and so majestic that it's easy to think of them as invincible. Unfortunately, they're not. Whether the trees on your property in Chaska are newly-planted or older than your house, they're susceptible to infestations of insects, fungus and disease. Chemical seepage, storm damage and poor soil conditions can also cause a tree's health to decline rapidly. 

If you want to keep the trees in your yard healthy for decades to come, it's best to seek health care services from a professional arborist. That's where Pro-Tree Outdoor Services steps into the picture.

Elite Tree Care Services

At Pro-Tree, our staff of ISA-certified arborists and licensed tree care professionals know everything there is to know about caring for trees of all species. Bring our pros out to your Chaska home and they'll be able to put together a health care plan for all of the trees on your land. Pro-Tree utilizes a number of services to guarantee the sustained strength of your trees. 

We make use of systemic insecticides to get rid of pernicious pests like emerald ash borers, coupled with fungicides to protect against infectious foliar fungus such as oak wilt disease. Our tree care specialists will also use fertilizer to help your trees grow tall, sturdy and colorful. We check on the quality of your soil to ensure it allows trees to take root, contains beneficial minerals and nutrients, and is devoid of harmful chemicals. If any of your trees are in need of maintenance or removal, Pro-Tree provides these services as well.

Effective Emerald Ash Border Treatments

If you don't have a background in arboriculture and plant biology, it can be difficult to know when your trees are sick and what methods you might take to prevent this. That's what the pros are here for.

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