Why Grind A Tree Stump?

Having stumps left behind is not only unpleasing to the eye but they can come with unwanted guests such as ants and even fungal disease. In addition to attracting insects, stumps can also re-sprout and start to grow again, which could consume a lot of space in your yard. Don’t forget how difficult they can be to mow around. Maneuvering around them can be difficult and can be dangerous for children. These are just a few reasons as to why stump grinding is necessary.

Stump grinding is able to chip away and pulverize the stump to a depth of 6-16 inches depending on how deep the visible roots are by the use of special equipment. This is the most cost effective and efficient way to remove the remaining tree stump.

This technique removes stumps with virtually no damage to your property. After the stump is removed, you can cover it up with grass or mulch for new landscaping. The chips formed from the stump grinding procedure can also be used as wood chips to temporarily cover the opening.

Stump Grinding Equipment

Our heavy-duty stump grinders can mechanically remove tree stumps of any size. Stump grinding equipment should only be used by professionals due to its high-speed and powerful cutting capabilities. This machine which is powered by an engine has a hydraulic arm that can be lowered to the stump with a sharp cutting wheel attached at the end, which has steel teeth around the perimeter for prime cutting strength. This process is the most efficient form of stump removal and our stump grinding experts will perform stump grinding safely and quickly!

Professional Stump Grinding

It is our goal to provide you with the best service for the best price. If your property is in need of our stump grinding services, please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a consultation.