Tree Health Care in Excelsior, MN

Do you need tree health care services in Excelsior?

However tall and spanning trees may grow, they're still susceptible to injury and illness. From the smallest saplings to the tallest giants, all of the trees on your Excelsior property are vulnerable to insect infestations, disease, chemical trespass and storm damage.

Keeping your trees healthy and gorgeous may require the attention of trained arborists. Let Pro-Tree Outdoor Services take a gander at your trees!

Tree Care Veterans

Pro-Tree's team of ISA-certified arborists and tree care technicians know all the secrets to helping trees flourish, even when faced with threats. Our professionals will come out to your Excelsior property and establish a thorough health care plan for every species of tree in your yard.

Pro-Tree makes use of a combination of services to protect your trees. To exterminate emerald ash borers and other lethal pests, we'll apply systemic insecticides which won't harm the other wildlife in your neighborhood. To root out foliar fungi before they cause disease, our experts will treat your trees with fungicide.

Our specialists will perform a soil quality test to ensure that your trees are getting all of the nutrients they need and aren't afflicted by dangerous chemicals. If necessary, we'll use our special fertilizer to give your trees the sustenance required to achieve their full size and strength.

If our crew finds any trees on your Excelsior property that need to be trimmed back or removed, Pro-Tree is happy to accomodate you.

Pro Health Services For Your Trees

Unless you're an arborist, you probably won't be able to tell if your trees are getting sick or how to solve the problem when it becomes apparent. Thankfully, our pros know everything there is to know about caring for trees. Give Pro-Tree Outdoor Services a call today for elite tree health care services in the Excelsior area!


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