Tree Health Care in Wayzata, MN

Do you require tree health care services in Wayzata?

To ensure that your trees grow tall and strong, it is important to take care of them. From newly planted saplings all the way up to ancient giants there are many factors which can negatively impact tree health including emerald ash borer infestations, foliar disease outbreaks and chemical trespass from outside sources like pesticides used on nearby crops.

Your trees are a vital part of your home in Wayzata. Keeping them healthy may require work from the team of trained arborists at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services!

Elite Tree Care

When an ISA-certified arborist from Pro-Tree visits your Wayzata property, they will assess the health and well being of every tree. After consulting with you about what needs to be done for each individual species, our certified professionals can create customized plans that ensure healthy tree growth patterns which continue long past initial planting!

When you let Pro-Tree take care of your trees, we'll make sure they stay healthy for many years with our full service treatments. Our experts will protect your trees from emerald ash borers using systemic pesticides and we'll destroy foliar fungi before it causes disease by applying fungicide treatments on all of the trees throughout your property.

Our professionals will test your soil to ensure that it's providing the right nutrients to your trees. If we find harmful chemicals or inadequate nutrients, we'll address the problem and use a special fertilizer tailored to help each tree reach its full potential!

We know how important it is to keep your property in Wayzata looking its best, so if our crew finds any trees that need trimming or removal, we'll be happy to help you out.

First Class Pros in Tree Health Care

You can always rely on our professional arborists for expert advice about your trees' well-being. They'll be able to tell you what needs fixing and how it can be fixed, so don't hesitate a moment longer! Call Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for exemplary tree health care services in the Wayzata area!


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