Tree Health Care in Plymouth, MN

Are you seeking tree health care services in Plymouth?

Trees are among the most durable forms of life on Earth but they're still susceptible to such dangers as pests, diseases and chemicals. If you want to ensure that all of the trees on your Plymouth property are in good health and unburdened by such threats, bring in a professional arborist.

Top-Grade Tree Health Care

Pro-Tree Outdoor Services employs a team of ISA-certified arborists who are experts on all local tree species and know how to resolve any problems they may face. Our specialists will come to your home in Plymouth and create health care strategies for every tree on your land.

Pro-Tree has the knowledge and the equipment to safeguard your trees against all threats. We can apply insecticides to kill off tree-burrowing pests like emerald ash borers and we can apply fungicides to eliminate fungal diseases like diplodia blight.

Making sure roots dig deeply and absorb beneficial nutrients is paramount to tree health care, so our team will perform a soil test to ensure your trees are getting all the right nutrients and not suffering from chemical trespass. If needed, we can help your trees grow tall, strong and leafy using custom fertilizer blends. If you have need of tree trimming or removal services on your property in Plymouth, let our pros handle it for you.

Elite Tree Protection Services

You might not realize that something is wrong with your trees until it's too late but our arborists can diagnose and solve any problems. Give Pro-Tree Outdoor Services a call today for premium tree health care services in the Plymouth area!


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