Tree Health Care in Minnetonka, MN

Are you looking for tree health care services in Minnetonka?

Our native trees are hardy enough to survive Minnesota's freezing winters but that doesn't make them invulnerable. Boring insects, fungal diseases, chemicals in the soil and violent storms all pose a danger to even the most towering trees in your Minnetonka yard.

If you want to make sure your trees are tough enough to weather all of these threats, you would be wise to bring in a professional arborist. Pro-Tree Outdoor Services is here to help!

Premium Tree Health Care

The ISA-certified arborists from Pro-Tree are experts on all local tree species and the problems that may plague them. Bring our experts to your Minnetonka home and we can create health care strategies for every tree on your property.

Pro-Tree's technicians use a variety of tactics to defend your trees against every type of threat. Our pros use insecticides to swiftly eliminate pests such as the infamous emerald ash borer. Diplodia, oak wilt and other fungal diseases can be equally deadly, so we apply fungicides to put a stop to them.

The most vital aspect of tree health care is ensuring that the roots are absorbing the right minerals and nutrients, so our crew will conduct a soil test to make sure your yard's soil is nourishing and devoid of chemical trespass. We can also apply a fertilizer blend to stimulate your trees' healthy growth.

If some of the trees on your Minnetonka property are in need of trimming or are too far gone and need to be removed, Pro-Tree is up to the task.

Pro Protection For Your Trees

It might not be apparent that your trees are sick until the problem is severe, and even then the cause might be difficult to diagnose. Don't worry; our pros have seen it all and we have solutions for every problem. Reach out to Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for high-quality tree health care services in the Minnetonka area!


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