Tree Health Care in Shorewood, MN

Are you in need of tree health care services in Shorewood?

Whether it's a newly planted sapling or a full-grown tree that's older than you are, every tree on your Shorewood property is vulnerable to disease, pests, storm damage and chemical trespass. Keeping your trees healthy throughout their lives may require the touch of a trained arborist.

First-Rate Tree Care

The ISA-certified arborists at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services know everything there is to know about trees. Our experts will visit your home in Shorewood and help you to develop a successful health care plan for all of the trees found on your property.

Pro-Tree offers many different services to preserve the health of your trees. We can use systemic insecticides to eliminate tree-killing pests like emerald ash borers and fungicides to dispose of fungal diseases such as oak wilt.

Our team will also test the quality of your soil to make sure that your trees are receiving all of the nutrients they need and aren't being harmed by chemical runoff. We can use a fertilizer blend containing the proper nutrients to give your trees the boost they need to flourish for decades to come. Our technicians can also handle any trimming or tree removal services needed on your Shorewood property.

The Best Health Care For Your Trees

Whether your trees have shown signs of sickness or you want to make sure no problems are likely to occur in the future, a professional arborist can help with everything tree-related. Get in contact with Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the most reliable tree health care services in the Shorewood area!


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