Tree Fertilization Treatments In MN

When growing in an urban landscape, trees and shrubs face intense competition for nutrients from grass and other plants. If trees and shrubs do not receive the nutrients they need to grow strong, their health may begin to decline. Signs of a tree in decline include shortened branch growth and leaves turning yellow or falling prematurely.

What Trees Need

To keep in good health, trees and shrubs require a variety of nutrients which can be divided between two categories: macronutrients and micronutrients. Nitrogen is the micronutrient which is most commonly insufficient in urban soil. Pro-Tree Outdoor Services make a special fertilizer blend which combines a variety of key nutrients into a liquid formula that is injected into the root systems of a tree using a metal soil probe. We can make fertilizer applications throughout the growing season, targeting either early spring or late fall.

Benefits of Our Fertilizer

  • Denser root mass
  • Faster and stronger tree growth
  • Improved leaf coloration
  • Increased water and nutrient absorption
  • Activation of enzymes
  • Reduced frost damage
  • Improved plant performance when experiencing stress