Cambistat Treatments In MN

ash trees affected by emerald ash borersCambistat is a tree growth regulator which has been proven to reduce a tree's growth by 40% to 70% over the course of 3 years. This reduction in the growth of a tree's canopy helps to conserve water and other resources needed to care for the tree.

There are many situations in which Cambistat may be beneficial for helping you control the growth of your trees.

Applications for Cambistat

  • Mature Size Limitation - If a mature tree is growing too large for its planting location, Cambistat can be applied to prevent the tree from growing any larger while also keeping the tree in good health.
  • Limited Root Zone - When planted in an urban environment, the growth of a tree's roots is severely inhibited by foundations such as roads, sidewalks and driveways. Using Cambistat can curb the growth of a tree's roots to make them more manageable in an urban setting.
  • Tough Growing Locations - Another problem with growing a tree in an urban environment is that the prevalence of concrete, asphalt and gravel will generate excess heat and increase the tree's water needs. Cambistat will help the tree to grow thicker leaves and decrease its need for water.
  • Declining Tree Recovery - When a tree begins to decline, its canopy will thin, its branches will die back and its leaves will turn brown. Cambistat can make the needs of a tree more conservative and thereby help it to recover.
  • Construction Damage - Construction work often results in severe damage to the roots of nearby trees. Cambistat stimulates fibrous root growth and conserves the trees' need for resources, allowing it to recover from construction damage more quickly.
  • Manicured Looks - If you want to give your tree a manicured look, controlling its growth with Cambistat can be very helpful.
  • Prevent Trees From Touch Buildings & Signs - When trees grow in urban environments, they will commonly scrape against nearby buildings and signs. Cambistat helps to limit tree canopy growth and reduce the need for trimming.