Tree Health Care in Chanhassen, MN

No matter how long they live and how tall they grow, trees are still living things that are vulnerable to injury and disease. From saplings to veteran trees, everything planted on your Chanhassen property may fall victim to boring insects, foliar fungus and disease.

Inadequate soil composition, toxic chemical trespass and damage from thunderstorms are also common causes of tree illness that can lead to death and collapse. The best way to ensure the continuing health of the trees in your yard is to bring in a trained arborist to examine your trees. Let Pro-Tree Outdoor Services help with that.

Tree Health Care Professionals

Pro-Tree is manned by a staff of ISA-certified arborists who are well-versed on the health problems which may afflict any tree that you can find in Minnesota. Call our pros to your Chanhassen residence so that they can whip up a health care plan for the trees in your yard. The Pro-Tree team uses a multi-faceted tree care approach to safeguard against any and all threats. Our specialists make use of insecticides to kill off emerald ash borers and other destructive insects, and fungicides to eliminate fungal infestations like oak wilt.

To keep your trees strong and leafy, we'll apply a fertilizer blend to encourage growth and we'll monitor your soil makeup to determine if it contains the nutrients a tree needs to flourish, and isn't polluted with dangerous chemicals. If any of your trees need to be trimmed back or removed entirely, Pro-Tree can accommodate you.

The Pros Will Keep Your Trees Happy and Healthy

You may not see anything wrong with your trees until it's too late. Fortunately, the pros know what we're looking for and how to save your trees. Contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the best tree health care services in the Chanhassen area!


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