Our Tree Removal Processes & Techniques

In the instance where a tree is damaged or diseased to a status beyond repair, the tree will need to be removed. While every tree’s needs are different, we follow these methods when performing tree removals:

  • Sectioning the tree - If there are structures too close to the tree to be able to fell it entirely, we often will section the tree when cutting it down. Our professional climbers will inspect the tree to decide which points to climb and cut. When sections are removed, they are then lowered to a specific loading point to prevent damage to nearby structures.
  • Felling the tree with a chainsaw - We will properly evaluate the property before performing this task, which requires enough open space and specific terrain to perform. We will make sure no damage is done to the property when felling your damaged tree.

Tree Removal Safety

Our Certified Arborists at Pro-Tree have all the tools and the know how to keep the site as safe as possible when performing tree removals. We make this possible by checking all power lines, planning ahead, using safety gear, and remaining alert to all possible dangers. Our number one goal in performing tree removal is your personal safety along with protecting your property. Let the tree experts at Pro-Tree take the hassle out of your next tree removal project.

Professional Tree Removal

After consulting with one of Pro-Tree's Certified Arborists you may decide to remove damaged or dangerous trees from your property. Our team has the tools, equipment and the experience to remove trees from your property safely and efficiently. Pro-Tree has some of the best certified climbers and top-of-the-line equipment such as bucket trucks, cranes, log loaders, and large tree chippers.

Call us today to schedule a tree removal and we will be out to help in no time!