Tree Health Care in Victoria, MN

Are you seeking tree health care services in Victoria?

Even the oldest and tallest trees in Victoria are not immune to boring insects, fungal diseases and toxic chemicals. Despite these risks, your trees will always stand strong as long as you help keep them in good health.

The professional arborists at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services can help you make sure that your trees are tough enough to withstand any threat that they may face.

The Best Local Tree Health Care

You can trust Pro-Tree's ISA-certified arborists to provide expert care for the trees on your Victoria property. We specialize in all local species and will create a personalized strategy tailored specifically towards the needs of your trees!

The best defense for your trees is a good offense. That's why Pro-Tree employs the most advanced techniques to eliminate every type of pest, disease and other threat imaginable, even those relentless emerald ash borers! We use strategic applications to put an end to destructive insects and fungal diseases like oak wilt.

Our tree care professionals will test your soil to make sure that it is rich with nutrients and safe for your trees. To make sure your trees are getting all the nutrients they need, we can apply a fertilizer that will help your trees root deeply and grow as strong as possible!

In the event that the trees on your Victoria property need to be trimmed back or some of them must be removed, Pro-Tree can handle these services as well.

Peerless Pros in Tree Care Services

Don't let your trees fall victim to disease or infestation. Our pros will diagnose any problem and create a plan that will not only save your trees, but also keep them in good health for many seasons to come. Contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for top-tier tree health care services in the Victoria area!


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