Apple Scab Treatments In MN

Apple scab is a fungal disease that infects the leaves of both apple and crabapple trees, causing them to fall prematurely. Trees may become infected with apple scab when leaves are wet for 6 hours or more in temperatures of 65 degrees or higher.

The fungus can overwinter on fallen leaves and spread to leafing trees again in the spring. While apple scab is not fatal to infected trees, it does harm their health in the long term.

treating apple scab in MN

Symptoms of Apple Scab Infection

The first sign of apple scab on your trees will be brown spots on the leaves that will gradually turn black. Similar lesions may also appear on the fruit itself, and apple scab will cause the apples to mature unevenly and crack. If your apple tree is heavily infected, the leaves will turn yellow and fall early.

Treatments for Apple Scab

Apple scab can be prevented and controlled using fungicide treatments. These foliar fungicide treatments should be applied to apple and crabapple trees twice per year to prevent apple scab. Under optimal conditions, Pro-Tree Outdoor Services aims for an 80-90% reduction in apple scab symptoms in infested trees using our fungicide treatments.