Planting for Privacy: Best Tree Choices in Minnesota

When living in an urban or suburban setting like the Twin Cities metro area, privacy can be hard to come by. The idea of neighbors and passerby observing them discreetly is enough to make many homeowners unable to relax in their own backyards. Thankfully, there’s a good solution: planting the right kind of trees in your yard can shield you from all unwelcome eyes.

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Emerald Ash Borer Damage

4 Signs of Tree Disease in Minnesota

Trees are tall, majestic and seem to last forever. That’s why it’s so easy to forget that our trees can get sick and die, just like we can. Unfortunately, there are a number of fungal diseases that can afflict trees in Minnesota, including Rhizosphaera needle cast, Dutch elm disease and apple scab. The threat posed by these tree diseases varies greatly, with some merely affecting the appearance of the tree and others spelling imminent death.

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Benefits of apple trees at home - Pro Tree

Apple Trees in Minnesota: From Sweetest to Tartest

When you fantasize about plucking fresh fruit from the branch of a tree and taking a refreshing bite, that fantasy is probably set on a tropical island; not up here in Minnesota. However, while fruits like bananas and pineapples may thrive in a tropical climate, many fruit trees, including apple trees, grow well in the temperate climate found in Minnesota. In fact, the University of Minnesota has been responsible for creating several new varieties of apples, including the ever-popular Honeycrisp!

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How to Protect Your Minnesota Trees from Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are an invasive species that first infested the Northeast and have since spread westward throughout the United States. Minnesota is just one of the many states that struggles with infestations of Japanese beetles every year. These green-and-copper-colored insects ravage the leaves of many trees and shrubs, leaving them skeletonized.

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A Guide to Spring Tree Health Care in Minnesota

Winter is over at last! The snow has melted, the ground has thawed and green has begun to appear in the trees again. As spring begins in Minnesota, many of us are eager to get back out in our gardens and start planting. As much fun as it is to pick out fresh annuals, it’s equally important to preserve the health of your perennials, beginning with your trees.

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winter tree trimming benefits

Minnesota Winter Tree Care Basics: All About Tree Trimming & Removal

If you have trees on your property in Minnesota, it would be in your best interest to make sure they’re well-tended. Healthy trees are beautiful to behold and provide your yard with some much-needed shade on hot summer days. Also, letting your trees get sick can be both dangerous and expensive. If disease or pests ravage a tree and weaken its integrity, branches will begin to follow and, eventually, the tree may collapse entirely, which can cause severe damage and injury. And if you need to have a tree removed before it falls, you can be landed with a hefty bill for the services.

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