The Importance of Professional Tree Care in Minnesota

It’s easy to think of trees as eternal and indestructible but, sadly, that’s not the case. Like all living organisms, trees can become sick and die due to a variety of factors such as pests, disease, damage, drought, and insufficient nutrients. If you have trees on your property, it would be wise to regularly inspect them for any signs of decline so that you can correct the underlying issues before the tree fails.


To keep your trees in good health, it’s best to work with a professional tree care company in Minnesota. If you’d like to learn more about the importance of working with trained arborists and how they can help your trees flourish, just keep reading.

4 Benefits of Professional Tree Care

  1. Effective Disease Prevention & Management – Trees in Minnesota are susceptible to various diseases, ranging from common fungal infections to more serious conditions like Dutch elm disease and oak wilt. Professional tree care companies can implement preventive measures to protect your trees from these threats. In the unfortunate event that a tree falls victim to disease, arborists can administer effective treatments, potentially saving the tree and preventing the disease from spreading to other trees on your property.
  2. Proper Pruning Techniques – Pruning is a crucial aspect of tree care, promoting healthy growth and structural integrity, as well as allowing the shape of a tree to be controlled. However, insufficient pruning may result in an overgrown tree with hazardous branches, while improper pruning can lead to long-term damage. Professional arborists in Minnesota understand the science behind pruning, and are able to prune trees correctly and at the right time. Proper pruning enhances the visual appeal of your landscape and improves the well-being of your trees.
  3. Correcting Safety Hazards – Large, mature trees on your property can pose safety hazards if not properly maintained. Weak branches, overgrown limbs, or trees in a state of decline due to pests or disease can become a risk to your property and anyone who sets foot on it. Professional arborists in Minnesota have the equipment and expertise to assess and address potential safety concerns, pruning off dangerous branches and taking action to mitigate the risk of tree failure. If there is a declining tree on your property that cannot be salvaged, tree care professionals can safely remove it.
  4. Preparing for Winter Weather – Minnesota’s extreme climate poses unique challenges to trees. Harsh winters with heavy snowfall and extreme cold can take a toll on trees’ health, leading to broken branches and other problems such as sunscald. Winter damage also makes trees more susceptible to diseases and pests when spring arrives. Certified arborists have the knowledge to identify and address specific issues that may afflict your trees during the winter, helping you to preserve their good health.


Minnesota’s Top Tree Care Team

By working with certified arborists, you can keep your trees healthy and your landscape beautiful. Connect with Pro-Tree today if you’d like to learn more about the tree care services we offer in the greater Twin Cities area!

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