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Apple Trees in Minnesota: From Sweetest to Tartest

When you fantasize about plucking fresh fruit from the branch of a tree and taking a refreshing bite, that fantasy is probably set on a tropical island; not up here in Minnesota. However, while fruits like bananas and pineapples may thrive in a tropical climate, many fruit trees, including apple trees, grow well in the temperate climate found in Minnesota. In fact, the University of Minnesota has been responsible for creating several new varieties of apples, including the ever-popular Honeycrisp!

When it comes to munching on apples, everyone has their favorites. Some like apples as a sweet treat, others prefer them tart. Read on to learn about how some of the most popular apple trees that you can grow in Minnesota range on the scale from sweet to tart!


Popular Apple Varieties on the Sweetness Scaletreating apple scab in MN

  1. The Sweetest of the Bunch: Fuji – First developed in Japan, Fuji apples are perfect for those who have a sweet tooth for fruit. Fuji apples are delicious as a snack, dipped in caramel and baked into a pie. If you like your apples as sweet as possible, you should plant a Fuji apple tree in your yard in Minnesota.
  2. Sweeter Than Most: Gala – Another wonderfully sweet apple variety, Gala apples were created in New Zealand and have risen to prominence internationally. This tasty apple is best eaten on its own but can also be used to make a delicious apple sauce for your chicken or pork dish.
  3. Sweet With a Hint of Tart: Red Delicious – The iconic Red Delicious apple was first cultivated in Iowa in 1872, and has since become one of the most popular apple varieties in the world. Sweet with a hint of tartness, Red Delicious apples are great to munch on or to cut up for your salad.
  4. The Perfect Blend: Honeycrisp – Combining juicy sweetness with crisp tartness, the Honeycrisp apple is a staple of Minnesota which was created right here at the U of M. While everyone is entitled to their own tastes, Honeycrisp apples are arguably the tastiest apples to eat fresh off the tree. You would be wise to plant a Honeycrisp apple tree or two in your yard in Minnesota.
  5. Nice and Tart: McIntosh – For those who favor tart apples over sweet ones, the McIntosh is a crunchy, delicious choice. First developed in Canada, McIntosh apples are well suited to the Minnesota climate and can make for a tart treat or add a tangy taste to your salad.
  6. The Tartest of the Bunch: Granny Smith – Originating from Australia, Granny Smith apples are as tart as they come, which is why most don’t like to eat them on their own. However, Granny Smith apples are perfect for baking with cinnamon, making into a pie and mixing into a salad.


Apple Tree Health Care in MN

Sweet or tart, apples are a healthy treat that are loved by many Minnesotans. While apple trees grow well in Minnesota’s climate, there are certain threats that can impact their health. Apple scab is the most pressing danger, as this disease can harm the long term health of your apple trees and cause them to produce apples that are deformed and inedible. Japanese beetles also like to swarm on apple trees, and can decimate your apple harvest.

If you want to make sure your apple trees stay healthy and produce a bounty of delicious apples each year, you may want to get professional help from local tree health care experts. Get in touch with Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for apple tree health care services in the greater Twin Cities area!

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