A Comprehensive Guide to Revitalizing Trees After a Minnesota Winter

All of us who live in Minnesota know how harsh and unforgiving the winters can be. Something you might not realize, however, is that trees can suffer during the winter, too. Extreme cold weather, sunscald, and the build-up of snow and ice on trunks and branches can leave your trees in poor health by the time spring finally arrives. As sturdy as trees are, sometimes it takes a little help from us for them to fully rejuvenate in springtime. If you’d like to learn how to revitalize your trees this spring, keep on reading.

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treating tree diseases in MN

About Tree Diseases In MN: Causes & Treatment

The greater Twin Cities, MN area is home to over 24 varieties of trees. These trees are known for filtering our city’s air, providing shade and shelter, creating beautiful scenery, and so many other wonderful benefits. With 31.5 percent tree canopy coverage in the Twin Cities area, this means that wherever we go, we can experience the many benefits of these trees of all sizes and varieties. Read more

Winter tree trimming in Minnesota

3 Benefits Of Cold Weather Tree Care

During the warmer months of spring, summer and early fall, Minnesotans are oftentimes found outdoors so they can take advantage of the beautiful weather before the cold winter comes again. Whether homeowners are completing lawn care, thinking about how they need to cut down a couple branches, or wanting to plant another tree, this seems like a great time to do so. The weather is nice, it’s easy to get work done, and it’ll be too cold to do these tasks in winter, right?


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Managing your property line trees in Twin Cities

5 Tips For Managing Your Property Line Trees

We all know that trees are important parts of each of our neighborhoods and ecosystems. Yes, they do add shade to your home and they’re a great visual appeal, but trees actually benefit your neighborhood by producing clean air, providing temperature control for your home and creating a habitat for wildlife. These benefits along with many others are in the minds of homeowners throughout your neighborhood, but all homeowners might not see things the same way.

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