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Stump Grinding 101: Everything You Need To Know About Stump Removal

There used to be a beautiful oak tree towering over your home but then a thunderstorm felled it, and all that’s left is a big ugly stump sitting in the middle of your yard. Since the stump is both a major eyesore and a serious tripping hazard, you decide to have it removed.

Stump grinding and removal is a difficult process that should only be handled by a professional tree service company. You probably have a lot of questions about stump grinding, and you may need some of those answers before you commit to having a stump removed from your yard. Read on for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about tree stump removal in the Twin Cities and beyond.


The Most Common Questions About Stump Removal

“What are the benefits of stump removal?”

The most obvious benefit of stump removal is that you’ll no longer have to stare at an unsightly tree stump in the middle of your yard. Tree stumps also present a substantial risk of tripping and injuring yourself, especially in the winter when they’re covered by snow. Stumps in your yard may be a nuisance when gardening or mowing the lawn, too.

As tree stumps decay, they may draw wood-boring insects such as termites and carpenter ants to your yard. This is dangerous because once the insects are done eating away at the stump, they’re likely to move on to your home and cause serious damage. A decaying stump may also grow mold and fungi that is harmful to your yard. Therefore, removing a tree stump is beneficial for both the aesthetic and the health of your yard.


“Should I hire a professional for stump grinding?”

The most efficient way to remove a stump from your yard is with a stump grinder. Using powerful rotating blades, a stump grinder will reduce a tree stump to wood chips that can easily be removed from your yard or used as mulch. It is possible to rent a stump grinder but it may not be in your best interest to do so.

Stump grinders are complicated and dangerous machines that the average homeowner might not be able to handle. Not only are they heavy and unwieldy but stump grinders tend to kick up a lot of debris, which can result in injury to an inexperienced user. If used improperly, they can also cause severe damage to a yard. Even if you tend to be a DIY landscaper, stump grinding is one job that you’d be wise to leave in the hands of trained professionals.


“When’s the best time of year for stump grinding and removal?”

While you may not guess it, winter is probably the best time of year for tree stump removal in the Twin Cities. The main disadvantage to stump grinding during the winter is that a frozen stump is harder to grind. However, the big benefit to winter stump removal is that the ground around the stump will be frozen, which means that the stump grinder will cause substantially less damage to the surrounding areas of your yard than it would during other seasons.


“What should I do after a stump is removed?”

Unfortunately, stump grinding trades one eyesore for another, as you’ll be left with a messy hole in your yard where the tree stump once stood. Fortunately, with a little work, you can restore the appearance of your lawn. Once the stump has been removed, start by filling the hole with soil. After this, you’ll be left with a choice: plant a new tree or cover the bare earth.

If you choose to plant a new tree, be sure that the big roots that your deceased tree left behind won’t get in the way. You should also test the pH and nutrient levels of the soil to ensure your new tree will be able to grow healthy and strong. If you choose to grow grass where the stump used to be, you can either plant seed or lay down sod over the hole left behind. It may take a season or two, but soon this spot will be indistinguishable from the rest of your yard.


Stump Grinding & Removal Services in the Twin Cities

Stump grinding and removal is a job that’s best handled by trained experts. If you’re in need of professional stump removal in the greater Twin Cities metro, you should hire a licensed tree care company that knows how to grind down and remove a stump without harming your property. Get in contact with Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the best stump removal services in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area!

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