Planting for Privacy: Best Tree Choices in Minnesota

When living in an urban or suburban setting like the Twin Cities metro area, privacy can be hard to come by. The idea of neighbors and passerby observing them discreetly is enough to make many homeowners unable to relax in their own backyards. Thankfully, there’s a good solution: planting the right kind of trees in your yard can shield you from all unwelcome eyes.

There are several varieties of Minnesota-hardy trees which can create privacy on your property. Here are some of the best planting choices available in the Twin Cities.


5 Great Trees That Give You Privacy

  1. Autumn Blaze Maple – A hybrid of red and silver maple trees, the Autumn Blaze maple is a big and beautiful tree that can offer great privacy to your yard in Minnesota. Growing rapidly into a globe shape, with a maximum height of 55 feet and width of 40 feet, these deciduous trees are tolerant of both pollution and poor soil conditions, making them well-suited to urban planting. Autumn Blaze maples are so-named because of their gorgeous crimson hue during the fall months, making them valuable for their beauty as well as the privacy they provide.
  2. Eastern Red Cedar – A fast-growing evergreen tree which is hardy in all of Minnesota, the eastern red cedar can provide you with privacy year-round. This conifer can reach a maximum height of 60 feet and can grow out to be 20 feet wide, meaning that planting just a couple can shield and shade your entire backyard. Eastern red cedars aren’t particularly picky about sunlight, watering or temperature, making them an ideal low-maintenance privacy tree.
  3. Eastern White Pine – This big evergreen will only fit in a huge backyard when full-grown, but its privacy offerings are practically unrivaled. Growing up to 60 feet tall and 30 feet wide, eastern white pines don’t just bring great privacy to your yard in Minnesota; they also serve as a windbreak, a source of shade and a nesting place for local birds. Just be sure you have the space before planting this fast growing coniferous giant!
  4. Emerald Green Arborvitae – If you want a tall and thin evergreen that can be grown in a nice, tidy row, the emerald green arborvitae is a perfect privacy tree for you. These arborvitae achieve a maximum height of 14 feet and a width of about 4 feet, and can be used effectively to line the border of your yard or even to stand sentinel directly along the walls of your home. Ice-resistant and drought-tolerant, emerald green arborvitae are well-suited to Minnesota’s extreme climate.
  5. Goldspire Ginkgo – A deciduous tree with a beautiful golden hue during fall, the goldspire ginkgo is low-maintenance and smog-resistant, making it ideal for providing privacy in urban yards in the Twin Cities. Growing to 16 feet high and 5 feet wide, this tree’s pyramidal shape is conducive to privacy planting. Not only will goldspire ginkgos prevent strangers from peeping into your yard, they’ll also bring wonderful curb appeal to your home.


Do You Need Tree Care Services for Your Privacy Trees?

While most of these privacy trees are hardy and adaptable, professional tree care services will ensure they are able to mature to their full size and offer privacy on your property for years to come. Call Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for unrivaled tree health care services in the Twin Cities metro area!

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