Keeping Your Trees Healthy in Eden Prairie, MN

Are you looking for tree health care services in Eden Prairie?

Because trees are so tall and so sturdy, it's easy to forget they can become sick and die like any other living thing. In order to keep the trees around your home in Eden Prairie healthy and protect them from pests and disease, you should get help from trained arborists.

The Ultimate Tree Health Care

Pro-Tree Outdoor Services is staffed by many experienced ISA-certified arborists who know how to preserve the health of every tree that grows in Minnesota. We can come to your property in Eden Prairie to perform premium tree health care services for all of your trees.

We can offer you the following tree health care services:

  • Our team can help your trees grow tall, strong and healthy with our special fertilizer blend.
  • We can apply Cambistat to your trees to regulate their growth as needed.
  • Our experts can apply fungicide to your apple and crabapple trees to keep them from being afflicted with apple scab.
  • We can treat your spruce trees with fungicide to protect them from Rhizosphaera needle cast.
  • Our tree technicians can apply a preventative treatment to your ash trees to keep them from being invaded by emerald ash borers.
  • We can use soil treatments to eliminate any Japanese beetles that swarm your trees.
  • Our experts can treat the symptoms of trees affected by chlorosis to nurse them back to health.

Superior Tree Protection Services

Professional tree health care from experienced arborists can make all the difference when growing healthy trees on your property. Call Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the finest tree health care services in the Eden Prairie area!


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