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Top 4 Benefits of Winter Tree Trimming

Trees are one of the most important and enjoyable parts of nature. They provide us with oxygen, support wildlife, and form stunning features in our gardens, parks, and neighborhoods. This means that it is incredibly important to care for trees during winter, one of the toughest times of the year in Minnesota.

One of the best ways to protect trees during the winter is to complete a tree trimming service. This can yield several benefits for both you and your trees. Here are a few of the benefits that winter tree trimming can provide.


Winter Trimming Improves Tree Health

When it comes to pruning trees, the health of the tree is the most important consideration.  Winter is the best time for most trees to be pruned because they are in their dormant stage. Pruning will therefore not interrupt the tree while it’s attempting to create new growth, as it would during the spring or summer. It will also help the tree continue to grow in a healthy structure.

Pruning a tree in winter is much less likely to leave it vulnerable to tree diseases such as Oak Wilt or Dutch Elm disease because these pathogens are also usually dormant in the winter months. Insects, fungi, and bacteria are all common spreaders of tree disease or damage, but are much less active in the winter. If the tree was trimmed during the warm summer months, the insects and fungi would have a much greater chance of affecting the tree with disease and other detriments.


tree trimming services pro-treeWinter Tree Trimming Is Much Easier

Once the leaves have all fallen after the autumn months, the bare branches allow the branching structure of the tree to be fully seen. This makes winter tree care much easier. With little to no foliage in the way, you can easily see which branches need trimming and where the correct areas to make cuts are. Dead growth, diseased or misshapen branches and other issues can be removed more easily during the winter as well.

With the winter freeze also making the ground harder and oftentimes being covered by snow, heavy duty equipment will not affect the ground as much as if the service was being done in the spring or summer. Machinery such as cherry pickers can be more easily positioned, and you’ll also have more ease of movement among the branches. This makes the work much faster.


Healthy Spring Growth

Winter tree trimming can help your tree grow much healthier come springtime. By removing impediments such as damaged, dead or diseased branches, the tree can focus on its main areas during its spring growth instead of healing fresh wounds. With the main focus being on the healthy branches, this allows it to use its nutrients from the soil and photosynthesis more efficiently.

The new shoots and buds will also have much fewer obstacles getting in their way, making for a spectacular sight when they begin to emerge. If pruning were to be carried out in spring or summer, this growth would be hampered instead of growing to be a strong and healthy new branch. 


Trimming Makes The Tree Safer

Winter pruning can also ensure that your tree is less of a danger to you and your property. If dead or damaged branches are not removed regularly, they could cause danger during extreme weather conditions.

Strong winds or storms, whether in the winter or summer months, can cause weak branches to break off, potentially damaging your home or outbuildings, and could even pose a threat to the safety of you and your family. Removing these potentially hazardous branches during the winter, when pruning is easier, can bring you peace of mind throughout the year. 

Because this will stimulate new growth and allow the tree to deploy its nutrients more efficiently, the tree will also grow stronger and less susceptible to extreme weather damage later in the year.


Winter tree trimming in MinnesotaImportant Note On Tree Types

While it is easier to trim trees during the winter, some varieties won’t benefit from it as much as others. Species that flower very early during the spring, such as certain Dogwood varieties or Japanese Magnolias, often begin to unfurl their buds during the winter. Trimming this new growth during the colder months can set the tree back and impede new growth.


Quality Winter Tree Trimming Services

If you live in the greater Twin Cities, MN area and would like to take care of your home’s or business’ tree trimming needs, contact the professionals at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services. Our winter tree trimming experts will provide you with exceptional service as they leave your trees much more happy and healthy.

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