Winter tree trimming in Minnesota

3 Benefits Of Cold Weather Tree Care

During the warmer months of spring, summer and early fall, Minnesotans are oftentimes found outdoors so they can take advantage of the beautiful weather before the cold winter comes again. Whether homeowners are completing lawn care, thinking about how they need to cut down a couple branches, or wanting to plant another tree, this seems like a great time to do so. The weather is nice, it’s easy to get work done, and it’ll be too cold to do these tasks in winter, right?


It may seem crazy, but yes – tree trimming in the colder months is actually beneficial, along with being much safer for your Oak and Elm trees! While you may not want to venture outside because of the chilly temperatures, your trees are begging you to perform your yearly tree care maintenance.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, trimming trees during the cooler months allows for many different benefits to take place. Here are our top 3 benefits of cold weather tree pruning:


tree trimming services in MN1. Less Damage To Property

During the colder winter months, the ground is oftentimes frozen, or is very close to being frozen. Because of this, there will be significantly less damage to your lawn when any machinery is driven on it to gain access to your trees. As opposed to your lawn being soggy after a rainfall or simply soft due to the current season, your frozen lawn will not be as affected by the heavy machinery. Also, with the added layer of snow, this will prevent the machinery from directly touching the lawn.


2. Less Stress On Trees

Just like we experience our own stresses, trees have their stresses as well. When you prune your property’s trees during the colder months of late fall and winter, this will cause less stress on your Oak and Elm trees because they are entering into, or currently in, dormancy. If you chose instead to prune your tree during the warmer months, the tree may not be able to heal in time for the coming cold weather.


3. Less Likely To Attract Insects

Here in Minnesota, we know just how buggy our yards can get during summertime. Whether it be mosquitos, caterpillars or other mites, this is their prime season for activity. If you decide to prune your trees during this time, this only increases the chances of insects entering into your tree and causing disease or eventual death. Instead, to avoid this situation, cold-weather pruning allows for the tree to grow without bother because of the lack of bugs. 

During the cold weather months, the sap flow of the trees is very limited which will not pose as big of an attraction to any bugs that are present. Additionally, the crucial insect that winter tree trimming avoids is the Emerald ash borer. Trimming your ash tree during the summer is an open invitation to these insects to enter your tree and do significant damage. Trimming it in the winter will allow your tree to heal and harden before the insects begin to arrive once again.


winter tree trimming maintenancePerform Your Cold-Weather Tree Care Today!

Though it may be cold and you don’t want to do any outdoor maintenance, this is the perfect time to take care of your trees. If you’re not wanting to take care of your tree trimming maintenance yourself, the professional tree trimming crew at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services is always ready to serve the needs of homeowners throughout the Twin Cities, MN area. Contact our reliable team of tree trimming and tree removal specialists today for more information!

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