5 Reasons To Hire A Tree Company

One of the most wonderful things about living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota is how many beautiful types of trees we have. In fact, our area is home to more than two dozen tree species. How many other cities can say that?

In addition to being lovely to look at, our trees do so much for us. They shade us on sunny days, provide shelter for our native wildlife and most importantly, they enrich our neighborhoods and improve our quality of life.

But just because trees are such an incredible asset to our community doesn’t mean they don’t come with their own set of issues. Just like people, they can suffer from diseases that can be fatal if not treated properly.

Branches can fall after a bad snowstorm – or for seemingly no reason at all. And sometimes trees can stand in the way of construction projects.

Because tree issues can be so complicated, it’s critical to enlist the help of a professional arborist rather than trying to go it alone. By hiring a tree care company, you can feel confident that your tree-related challenges will be taken care of by an expert, saving you a whole lot of stress – and potentially a lot of money as well.


5 Reasons To Hire A Tree Company:


1. Your tree is too large to take down by yourself

    • The expression “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” is especially true when you’re talking about trees. If cutting down a tree will require you to get up on a ladder, it means the tree is too large for you to remove safely on your own. Let the experts handle it – you’ll be safe, not sorry.

2. Your tree is close to an electrical line

    • Your tree’s limbs should never get within 10 feet of power lines. If they do, you’ll need to contact a tree service ASAP to trim them back to prevent power outages, fires, serious bodily harm or even death. In other words, this is definitely a task for a professional arborist.

3. The danger of cutting down a tree by yourself is too great

    • While there are lots of home improvement projects you can tackle yourself, this is not one of them! Not only can falling limbs severely damage your home, they can also cause serious injury to you or other people on the ground. Trust us. It’s not worth the risk.

4. You don’t have the equipment or knowledge a professional does

    • Sure, you might have a chainsaw in your garage. Maybe you even have a pole saw. But do you have a crane? How about ropes and harnesses? And do you know how to examine your tree and determine the safest places to cut to prevent damage and injury? Arborists not only have the right tools for tree removal, but they’re also trained in how to do it properly and safely.

You need help with stump grinding and other next steps

    • Stump grinders are extremely powerful pieces of equipment that use rotating blades to help level the stump wood that’s left behind once the tree is removed. While you can rent stump grinders, they’re not going to be as effective as the models used by professional arborists and you could get injured by the flying debris they create. You’ll also want to think about your insurance. While tree companies generally carry insurance that covers them against accidental property damage, your policy may not. Finally, a professional arborist can help guide you in your next steps in terms of getting the soil prepared and ready to plant another tree, add grass or maybe even put in a garden. The possibilities are endless!

Call A Tree Professional Today

For these reasons – and many more – hiring a tree company to assist you in trimming, removal and maintenance is absolutely essential. When you’re in need of a trusted team of professional arborists in the west metro of the Twin Cities area, call Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today!

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