Managing your property line trees in Twin Cities

5 Tips For Managing Your Property Line Trees

We all know that trees are important parts of each of our neighborhoods and ecosystems. Yes, they do add shade to your home and they’re a great visual appeal, but trees actually benefit your neighborhood by producing clean air, providing temperature control for your home and creating a habitat for wildlife. These benefits along with many others are in the minds of homeowners throughout your neighborhood, but all homeowners might not see things the same way.

Trees In The Twin Cities

Even within the Twin Cities metro area, there is an abundance of trees throughout most every neighborhood. In fact, there are more trees in the Twin Cities area than there are people (crazy, right?!). In Minnesota, the latest report from the USDA Forest Service estimates there are 14.7 billion trees in all of Minnesota. That’s a lot of trees!

Though having all of these trees is beneficial, they can sometimes create conflict between neighbors, especially when they’re located near property lines. There are many instances where a tree is growing on one property owner’s land, but it causes a nuisance for one of their neighbors.


Resolving Neighborhood Tree Issues

After listening to countless stories from clients, mediating disputes between neighbors, and helping neighbors come to solutions, the expert arborists at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services have developed effective means of resolving tree issues. Whether the issues stem from the tree’s seeds or leaves being dropped into the neighbor’s yard, sap dripping onto the neighboring structure or branches causing a nuisance as they hang over the property line, this problem can be difficult to resolve.

However, our team has developed our top 5 tips to manage trees located near your property line. Here they are!

  1. property line trees and how to deal with themDo Not Trespass: There is an invisible property line, so make sure not to prune past that line. However, you’re allowed to prune slightly past the line if it means making a proper cut to avoid tree injury. *ask an arborist what constitutes as a proper pruning cut.
  2. Talk: If your neighbor’s branches are over your property line, inform them of your intent to prune them. You have the right to prune them without asking, but it can be considered rude without asking.
  3. Empathize: If your neighbor’s tree is a nuisance to your property, understand they may not have the resources to mitigate tree hazards, so don’t judge. If your safety is compromised, offer to help with the costs if they are unable to pay.
  4. Utilize an expert: Arborists, mediators, surveyors, and real estate attorneys can help you avoid making assumptions and rushing to judgement.
  5. Gain Permission: If your tree contractor needs access to your neighbors yard in order to perform work on your tree, make sure to gain permission before the day of your scheduled maintenance.


Effective Tree Care

Overall, the entire process of tree trimming and removal is much easier when neighbors are friendly with each other when dealing with tree maintenance projects near property lines. It also makes the situation more fulfilling when neighbors are kind with each other.

If you’re currently in a situation where you’re wanting or needing a tree trimmed, but it has to deal with a tree in your neighbor’s yard, try utilizing these strategies to resolve the issue as quickly and kindly as possible.

Whether you or your neighbor are needing a tree removal, emerald ash borer protection or tree trimming service completed in the greater Twin Cities area, we’d be glad to help! Contact the tree care experts at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today to learn more about how we can best take care of your tree issues!

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