Keeping Your Trees Healthy in Excelsior, MN

Are you struggling to keep the trees around your home in Excelsior in good shape?

Just like people, trees show signs of being sick, including losing leaves and branches at an abnormal rate. There's lots that you can do to maintain the health of your trees but some services might require the help of an arborist.

How to Grow & Care for Healthy Trees

To keep your trees green and leafy, perform these types of maintenance on the trees in your yard in Excelsior:

  • Make sure to give freshly planted trees tons of water to help them grow tall and sturdy. During a drought in summer, you may also need to water full-grown trees.
  • In addition to water, feed your saplings the fertilizer that they need to root deeply and become self-sufficient. If your adult trees aren't looking good, they might need a fertilizer booster, too.
  • Prune small and unnecessary branches off of your trees so that they don't compete with large, healthy branches for nutrients.

For more advanced tree health issues, a licensed arborist might need to get involved. Pro-Tree Outdoor Services can help you with the following services:

We Can Keep Your Trees Healthy & Beautiful

Maintaining the good health of your trees is a job which sometimes calls for a professional. Contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the help you need with keeping your trees healthy in the Excelsior area!


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