Looking for a Tree Service in Victoria?

We thoroughly enjoy working under Victoria’s big skies and beside its picturesque lakes. Our professional tree service keeps this town the peaceful retreat it has been for years, for both residents and visitors. We work in this area regularly and would love to help you with your trimming, pruning, or tree removal needs.

While tree removal in Victoria is important, it’s not for everyone to perform. There is strategy, safety, and operating techniques involved and it’s always wisest to hire a professional crew like Pro-Tree. We don’t rev up our tools until we have carefully mapped everything about the process. We plan where the tree will fall, as well as take note of any power lines, landscaping, or other safety concerns. You can trust us with your property and your safety.

If you are looking to keep your trees healthy, give us a call or fill out our form today!

Also Offering Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Victoria

Emerald ash borers are something to watch for on your ash trees in Victoria. It’s important to begin treating a colony of ash borers as soon as possible, to prevent their spreading to surrounding trees. These insects can destroy a small ash tree in only 1-2 years, and a large ash in 3-4 years. At Pro-Tree, we are passionate about saving our ash trees and our efficient injection system lasts for 2 years. It is also possible that your tree is too infested to be saved and the best option is tree removal. Either way, our ISA Certified Arborists will give you honest, expert opinions and we are happy to answer any preliminary questions you might have. If you are searching for emerald ash borer treatments in Victoria, contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today.