Searching For a Tree Service in Minnetonka?

Minnetonka’s motto is “where quality is our nature,” and we take this to heart while we care for the trees growing on your property. Pro-Tree is dedicated to maintaining Minnetonka’s natural beauty in the lakeside region, suburbia and downtown. We have many existing happy clients in Minnetonka and work here very often.

There is definitely such a thing as a right tree in the wrong place. Unfortunately for the tree, that means removal is in order. Whether your old maple is an accident ready to happen in the next thunderstorm, or a threat to nearby utility lines, Pro-Tree wants to keep you and your family safe. Our timely tree removal in Minnetonka is always safe, always professional.

Keep your trees healthy with the help of Pro-Tree Outdoor Services. If you’re looking for tree trimming, pruning, or tree removal in Minnetonka, fill out our form or call today!

We Provide Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Minnetonka

Ash trees are a valuable, yet delicate part of our Minnetonka landscape.  If not protected, they have a high chance of becoming home to a colony of emerald ash borers. These destructive insects can kill an ash tree in only several years, as they are able to survive over the winter inside your tree. Beat the borers with a call to Pro Tree. Our ISA Certified Arborists will set you up with our injection treatment and health care plan for as many ash trees as you need to protect. If you are searching for emerald ash borer treatments in Minnetonka, contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today.