Keeping Your Trees Healthy in Lake Minnetonka Area, MN

Are you interested in tree health care services in the Lake Minnetonka Area?

Many factors can negatively impact the health of trees around Lake Minnetonka, including wood-boring insects, fungal diseases and hazardous chemicals. If you want to make sure the trees on your property are healthy, you might want to seek tree health care services from licensed arborists.

Premium Tree Care

At Pro-Tree Outdoor Services, our team of ISA-certified arborists are experts on all types of trees found in Minnesota. We can visit your home in the Lake Minnetonka Area to provide high-quality health care applications for your trees.

The tree health care services which we provide include:

  • Using a special fertilizer blend to help your trees achieve their maximum potential.
  • Applying Cambistat to reduce a tree's growth in order to prevent unwanted overgrowth.
  • Treating your apple and crabapple trees with fungicide to prevent an apple scab infection.
  • Applying fungicide to your spruce trees to prevent Rhizosphaera needle cast.
  • Making preventative treatments to your ash trees to keep them from being infested with emerald ash borers.
  • Applying treatments to the soil of your trees to exterminate Japanese beetles.
  • Using treatments to restore the health of trees afflicted with chlorosis.

The Finest Health Care For Your Trees

Helping trees grow strong while shielding them against pests and diseases may require the work of an experienced team of tree technicians. Contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the premier tree health care services in the Lake Minnetonka Area!


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