Your Shorewood Tree Service

Don’t let your overgrown trees obstruct your peaceful lakeside views in Shorewood. Pro-Tree can maintain your trees without harming their health, and you can concentrate on simply relaxing.

An easy way to heighten your curb appeal in Shorewood is take down a tree that may be intruding on your view or smothering your front lawn. Sometimes homeowners don’t think of tree removal for aesthetic purposes, because they are so accustomed to trees that have always been there. However, you might be surprised how good your property looks when we complete a tree removal job in Shorewood, finishing off with stump grinding and a thorough cleanup.

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Also Offering Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Shorewood

One important aspect of tree health care is watching for the emerald ash borer. These flat-headed invasive insects start colonies in the tissue of your ash trees, cutting off their nutrients. The ash borers will overwinter inside your tree and keep feeding on it as long as they can. A couple signs of this are a yellowing crown of the tree and splitting bark. Woodpeckers will also be attracted to the ash trees because of the insect larvae inside. Call Pro-Tree for help and our ISA Certified Arborists will give you an accurate diagnosis of your ash tree’s health. Whether it’s wiser to cut down the whole tree or apply a simple injection treatment, our team always has your tree’s best interest at heart.  If you are searching for emerald ash borer treatments in Shorewood, contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today.