Your Tree Service in Prior Lake

Trees provide tranquility and rest to every neighborhood, and Prior Lake is no exception. Our honest, timely professionals at Pro-Tree will keep your trees and home in harmony, whether that means we grind stumps or simply trim a branch over the roof.

Are you in tune with the health of trees on your property? Some trees may look healthy on the outside but be decaying inside thanks to insects. Tree branches may not impose an immediate danger to your home, but invasive roots can actually crack driveways and water mains. It’s important to pay attention to your trees and what they need. When it’s time for a tree doctor, call Pro-Tree, as we offer complete tree removal services in Prior Lake, including stump grinding and cleanup. Our attention to detail is unmatched when it comes to your trees.

If you need tree service in Prior Lake, fill out our form or call us today!

Also Offering Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Prior Lake

Your ash trees in Prior Lake may be especially in danger of failing health. The cause of this is the emerald ash borer, a common insect in Minnesota that kills ash trees by colonizing and chewing through the inner workings of your tree. Watch the ash leaves – are they wilting or yellowing before their time? Is the bark splitting and falling off? If so, give our ISA Certified Arborists a call at Pro-Tree, and we will formulate a plant health care program with the goal of saving your infected tree, as well as the healthy ones which will attract the borers. If you are searching for emerald ash borer treatments in Prior Lake, contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today.