Tree Trimming Company In Long Lake, MN

Located just west of the Twin Cities metro area, Long Lake is a beautiful town situated on a lake bearing its name. This area is filled with countless trees of different species, but sometimes you may need to trim or remove a tree on your property. If you’re needing a high quality tree care service to address a tree issue at your Long Lake home or business, look no further.

At Pro-Tree Outdoor Services, our team specializes in providing tree care services of all kinds. If there is a tree branch growing too close to your home, our certified arborists can provide an effective tree trimming service to make sure your family and home are safe from the danger it presents. We also provide tremendous tree removal services for residents looking to remove an old, rotting tree or a tree which is in the way of their plans.

Along with our tree trimming and removal services, we also want to make sure your trees are as healthy as they can be. Our tree health care services prevent your trees from experiencing any disease and ensure the soil around your trees roots are healthy. 

Whether you’re looking to complete a simple tree trimming project or an entire tree removal, contact Long Lake’s premier tree care company. Pro-Tree Outdoor Services is proud to serve you and your family!.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments In Long Lake

We also provide an extremely important emerald ash borer treatment. With the continued popularity of these bugs, it’s important to protect your ash trees from these extremely harmful bugs. If your ash tree becomes infested with these emerald ash borers, your tree will likely end up dying and will need to be removed. To prevent this from happening to your yard’s stable shade tree, request an emerald ash borer treatment today!