Emerald Ash Borer Services In Wayzata

The beautiful lakeside community of Wayzata is an ideal place to live if you want to be close to nature, farming and tourism. While the trees may be a beautiful aspect, it’s important to protect them by performing regular tree healthcare services such as our 100% effective Emerald Ash Borer treatments.

If you’re needing EAB prevention treatments in Wayzata, contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today!

Professional Tree Care Services

Our professional tree care services are provided by certified arborists, who have experience in taking care of trees while creating a beautiful environment for yourself and your family. Our team provides tree removal, which is an important service when you have rotted trees or trees that are obstructing construction projects and posing safety risks, as well as tree trimming, and tree healthcare services.

Effective Emerald Ash Border Treatments

Protecting the ash trees in Wayzata from invasive Emerald Ash Borers is also important because these bugs can cause damage and even kill the Ash tree. Trees die due to the damage done by the bug, or when they are infected, they need to be cut down.

To prevent this, you can hire our emerald ash border specialists for this effective treatment in Wayzata. Contact our EAB prevention professionals today for more information.

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