Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Victoria, MN

Are you in need of emerald ash borer treatments for your ash trees in Victoria?

Since invading Minnesota, emerald ash borers (EAB) have quickly established themselves as one of the most destructive pests in the state. EAB frequently infest ash trees in Victoria, killing them from within. Sadly, once an infestation has taken hold, the ash tree has little hope of survival.

You may not be able to save a tree that's infested by emerald ash borers but you can prevent infestations from happening. Let Victoria's most trusted tree care company perform EAB prevention treatments for your trees.

100% Effective EAB Treatments

Pro-Tree Outdoor Services specializing in performing EAB prevention treatments for ash trees in Victoria. We can inject our preventive treatments into your ash trees to shield them against emerald ash borers for 2-3 years. As proof of our faith in our own services, we provide a money-back guarantee. Remember that EAB treatments will need to be applied again in a few years to ensure your ash trees are safe.

If your property in Victoria is already under siege from emerald ash borers, we can remove all infested trees. Don't wait for your tree to die before you call us; this will let the EAB infestation spread to neighboring trees.

The Top EAB Control Company in Victoria

Effective prevention is the only way to save your ash trees from EAB. Give Pro-Tree Outdoor Services a call today for the most reliable emerald ash borer treatment services in the Victoria area!

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