Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Prior Lake, MN

Are you looking for emerald ash borer treatments to protect the trees on your property in Prior Lake?

Emerald ash borers (EAB) are immensely destructive pests that devastate ash trees in Prior Lake. Once this invasive species makes its way inside an ash tree, they'll gradually kill it from within. EAB infestation proves fatal for host trees in almost all cases.

To prevent the ash trees near your home in Prior Lake from meeting this terrible fate, keep them safe with EAB prevention treatments. Call a local tree care professional to shield your trees from emerald ash borers.

EAB Treatments to Save Your Trees

Pro-Tree Outdoor Services has the knowledge and tools to protect your ash trees in Prior Lake from the EAB threat. Our team of tree care experts work with EAB treatments that offer 2-3 years of protection. We offer a money-back guarantee on the efficacy of our treatments. Just be sure to schedule follow-up treatments every couple of years to keep your trees safe.

If emerald ash borers have already invaded an ash tree on your property in Prior Lake, you should have the tree felled and removed. Waiting for the tree to die will only allow for the infestation to spread and the price of removal to go up.

Prior Lake's First-Choice EAB Control Experts

Stop the scourge of emerald ash borers with the most effective preventive treatments. Call Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the finest EAB treatment services in the Prior Lake area!

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