Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Orono, MN

Are you looking for emerald ash borer treatments for your trees in Orono?

Emerald ash borers (EAB) are the most despised out of all the many pests which can infest trees in Orono, and with good reason. Invasive wood-boring insects, EAB will hollow out ash trees by building galleries within and laying eggs, causing a rapid decline in the tree's health. An emerald ash borer infestation is effectively a death sentence for any ash tree.

However, there are preventive measures which can be taken to keep EAB out of the trees around your home. Working with a professional tree care company in Orono can help you protect your trees from emerald ash borers.


Professional EAB Treatments

If you're worried that emerald ash borers will infest the trees on your property in Orono, Pro-Tree Outdoor Services will help you ward them off. Our tree care specialists will apply EAB treatments to your ash trees to prevent infestation for the next 2-3 years. We provide a money-back guarantee on all of our preventive EAB treatments. Ongoing tree applications will be necessary to continue preventing emerald ash borers from invading your trees in the future.

If you already have an emerald ash borer infestation in Orono, your safest option is to have infested trees removed from your yard. Live tree removal is more cost effective than felling a dead tree, and also reduces the risk of EAB spreading.

Orono's Most Reliable EAB Control Company

EAB is a scourge which poses a threat to every ash tree in Minnesota. Call Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for the top emerald ash borer treatment services in the Orono area!

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