Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Lake Minnetonka Area, MN

Do you need emerald ash borer treatments for your trees on a property near Lake Minnetonka?

Any ash trees in the Lake Minnetonka area are vulnerable to destructive infestation by emerald ash borers (EAB). These wood-burrowing insects are an invasive species that have a detrimental impact on the health of ash trees. Once an EAB infestation is established in an ash tree, failure is almost guaranteed.

If you want to protect the trees around your home in Lake Minnetonka, EAB prevention is your best option. A professional tree care company can perform treatments on your ash trees to keep emerald ash borers at bay.

Dependable EAB Treatments

Pro-Tree Outdoor Services can help you to prevent an emerald ash borer infestation in your trees near Lake Minnetonka. Our tree care professionals will use EAB treatments to keep your trees safe for a period of 2-3 years. These preventive treatments come with a money-back guarantee. For continued protection against the EAB threat, repeat applications will be necessary.

When you discover an active emerald ash borer infestation in the Lake Minnetonka area, your best choice is infested ash tree removal. Don't wait until the tree has died of infestation, since costs for removal will increase and the EAB infestation may spread to nearby trees.

The Most Effective EAB Control Company in the Lake Minnetonka Area

Preventive EAB treatments are the only way to protect your trees from this invasive pest. Contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today for first-class emerald ash borer treatment services in the Lake Minnetonka area!

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