Emerald Ash Borer Treatments in Deephaven, MN

Do you want to protect your ash trees in Deephaven with emerald ash borer treatments?

Emerald ash borers (EAB) have been wreaking havoc on ash trees in Minnesota for over a decade. These destructive, invasive pests infest ash trees in Deephaven and gradually kill them from the inside. Once an EAB infestation has begun, there is no way of saving the afflicted tree.

The only way to reliably protect the ash trees on your property in Deephaven is to perform preventative EAB treatments. By working with an experienced local tree care company, you'll be able to shield your ash trees against emerald ash borers.

EAB Treatments for Long-Term Protection

Pro-Tree Outdoor Services can perform preventative EAB treatments for the ash trees around your home in Deephaven. Our specialists can protect your trees for 2-3 years by injecting them with preventative treatments. We offer a money-back guarantee on all our emerald ash borer control treatments. For the best long-term protection from EAB, our professionals can reapply treatments every few years.

For trees around your home in Deephaven that are already EAB-infested, we can fell and remove the infested trees. Removing a declining tree as quickly as possible is the safest way to prevent emerald ash borers from spreading to nearby ash trees.

Five-Star EAB Control Company in Deephaven

Timely EAB prevention treatments can safeguard your ash trees for years to come. Reach out to Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today to schedule emerald ash borer treatment services in the Deephaven area!

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