Looking For a Deephaven Tree Service?

Deephaven is called “Two Square Miles of Tranquility,” and tranquility is exactly what professional, experienced tree service from Pro-Tree brings your property. We always love days spent working for the stately homes and businesses of this small Minnesota jewel.

If there’s one thing that disturbs your peaceful atmosphere, it’s driving home every day to stare at a tree growing dangerously close to your roof or your power lines. Let the tree experts at Pro-Tree Outdoor Services handle your tree removal and stump grinding needs from start to finish, so you can come home to a clean lawn and much less to worry about during the next Minnesota storm.

For tree trimming, pruning, or tree removal services in Deephaven, give us a call or fill out our online form today!

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment in Deephaven

If you have ash trees on your property, it is your responsibility to protect them from the emerald ash borer, an invasive insect that is especially rampant in Minnesota.  Since the ash borer lives through the winter, it can kill an ash tree in a matter of a few years.  Pro-Tree’s injection treatment is 100% safe for your trees and surrounding landscape. Not only does it protect your tree for 2-3 years, but treating a healthy tree is much more cost effective than removing a dead one. If you are searching for emerald ash borer treatments in Deephaven, contact Pro-Tree Outdoor Services today.