Tree Removal & Tree Trimming in Brooklyn Park

As the fourth largest city in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, we know that Brooklyn Park has a lot to offer in this flourishing area. Keeping your trees alive and healthy is an essential part of preserving the acreage around your home. Our professionals at Pro-Tree provide services to Brooklyn Park and surrounding areas and would be glad to stop by your home to perform stump grinding, tree trimming, tree removal, or whatever else your trees need.

If you think your trees look perfectly healthy and don’t need professional tree services, you may be mistaken. While the outermost layer of a tree can reveal the health of the tree, this is not always the case. There are a number of diseases and insects that plant themselves underneath the bark of the tree, meaning your tree could be decaying from the inside out without you knowing it. This is why we recommend a health care program for all trees, to prevent diseases and to ensure that your tree flourishes. Contact our certified arborists to schedule a tree inspection at your home in Brooklyn Park.

Brooklyn Park Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Services

Speaking of disease, one of the most common insects that infects trees is the Emerald Ash Borer. This deadly insect specifically nests within ash trees and has the capability of cutting off all nutrient and water supply to the tree. Once damage has been done, the Emerald Ash Borer will continue to find its way to other ash trees nearby, causing a domino effect if not treated immediately. Luckily, our Emerald Ash Borer Treatment can prevent this insect from taking hold of your Ash trees. Contact our tree professionals at Pro-Tree to save your Ash trees with our Emerald Ash Borer Treatment!