Keeping Your Trees Healthy in Wayzata, MN

Do you want to learn more about how to preserve the health of the trees in your yard in Wayzata?

If your trees have been losing a lot of leaves, branches or bark recently, they're probably not doing so well. Performing routine tree care can alleviate some problems but others might call for professional assistance.

How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

There are a few basic things you can do to keep the trees near your house in Wayzata healthy, like:

  • Regularly watering younger and newly planted trees to ensure they get the nutrients they need to achieve healthy growth. Grown-up trees don't need to be watered unless there's a lengthy drought.
  • Applying fertilizer to young trees to make sure they get all the vitamins and minerals that a growing tree needs. If your adult trees show signs of strain, fertilizer can help them bounce back.
  • Pruning unneeded or dead branches to keep them from compromising the health of your trees.

Unfortunately, sometimes, performing this basic tree health care isn't enough. Pro-Tree Outdoor Services can perform these advanced tree care services for you:

  • Injecting our special fertilizer mix into the roots of your trees to ensure they're fed key nutrients.
  • Applying insecticide to your trees to defend them from tree-ravaging pests, such as Japanese beetles and emerald ash borers.
  • Treating your trees with fungicide to eliminate tree diseases, including oak wilt and Rhizosphaera needle cast.

Do You Want to Keep Your Trees in Good Shape?

For trees that grow healthy, tall and beautiful, professional tree health care services might be needed. Give Pro-Tree Outdoor Services a call today for expert help with maintaining good tree health in the Wayzata area!


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