Performing regular trimming and pruning helps maintain a tree's structure, shape, health, aesthetics and vigor. It is also necessary to maintain clearance from homes or buildings, streets, driveways or walkways. Our Certified Arborists/Tree Climbers can trim and prune your trees no matter the species, size or location. All of our pruning follows ANSI A300 standards set forth by the TCIA. At Pro-Tree we use top of the line equipment to provide the best tree trimming/pruning services possible.

A typical tree trimming/pruning includes removal of dead branches, broken branches, branches with weakly attached branch unions, crossing or intersecting branches, tip reduction, removal of co-dominant stems and thinning. On all of Pro-Tree's tree trimming/pruning projects, all of the debris is cleaned up and hauled away and the yard is raked up and left in better condition then we found it.