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Pro-Tree Outdoor Services-Stump Grinding

Having stumps left behind is not only unpleasing to the eye but they can come with unwanted guests such as termites, ants and even fungal disease. Stump grinding chips away the stump to around 6-16 inches depending on how deep the visible roots are by the use of special equipment designed specifically for this. This is the most cost effective and efficient way to remove the remaining tree stump.

This technique removes stumps with virtually no damage to your property. After the stump is removed, you can cover it up with grass or mulch and get ready for new landscaping. It is like nothing was ever there.

It is our goal to provide you with the best service for the best price. If your property is in need of our stump grinding services, please give us a call and we will be happy to give a quick, free estimate!

The word on the street... Over the holiday weekend I needed a large Ash Tree that began to fall down to be removed ASAP. The location of the tree was tricky in the way that it was just feet from our neighbors fence. They were able to successfully take down all the limbs with ease and no damage was done to the fence. We were very pleased with the timeliness and professionalism of Wes. We would recommend their services to anyone looking for tree removal!!"
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Stump Grinding

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